Beside me was a short policeman holding his German shepherd, he looked at us with a serious face as we drove past in our old blue car. We drove slowly as we passed two more policemen, this time they were on both sides of us, holding guns.

A thick grey fog surrounded the top of the building above us. As we entered the large gates open in front of us a man in a small box behind let down the wooden drawbridge. It was missing planks and didn’t look very stable. We cautiously changed into 2nd gear and drove on the bridge, holding our breaths as the planks crumbled below us. A tall man opened our door. He was wearing an expensive suit, his face was hidden by black sunglasses. He escorted us to the massive double doors which opened up to a grand entrance with marble floors and a large crystal chandelier. A maid came and gave us a glass of champagne and we entered. The man took us into an elevator and we went down to the ground floor. My fingers were shaking uncontrollably, beads of sweat were falling from my head, I was seeing stars, the room was spinning, I was going from cold to hot every second, and I could feel my legs becoming limp as I dropped to the floor. They drugged me. 

I woke up in a small room the walls were a dirty grey concrete that was crumbling around the corners. I tried to stand up but my hands and feet were chained to the floor. There was a yellowed pillow and crusty tartan blanket on the floor beside me. Above me was an extremely high window covered by heavy black bars. There was a faint screaming noise in the distance which made me scared for what was to come. My arms and legs were becoming numb and my eyes were struggling to stay open I was cold and sore. 

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