How does conflict reveal the message of the play?

Conflict is the main theme in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare shows this through two families having a conflict; Montagues and Capulets. The families don’t know any better because they have been bought up knowing that they have to hate them. As it says in the prologue “two households both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”

Inner conflict is also shown in Romeo and Juliet when Juliet finds out Romeo is a Montague but he is the love of her life. The quote “that I must love a loathed enemy” is Juliet saying that she loves someone who she is supposed to hate. 

There are other conflicts between individual people such as Romeo and Tybalt. They conflict for many reasons but the main one is that Tybalt thinks Romeo was making his family look bad because he gatecrashed the party so Tybalt decides that they must have a 1 on 1 fight and Romeo won by killing Tybalt. After killing Tybalt Romeo says “oh, I am fortune’s fool”  which is him saying that he has bad luck and that fortune has ‘done him bad.’

Romeo and Juliet Quotes

Romeo and Juliet use conflict and opposites to expand his ideas: “Two households both alike in dignity” In this passage, Shakespeare is showing conflict and opposites by saying the two households; The Capulet household and Montague household who are both the same worth/ respect. Which is showing the opposites. Reading further it says an ancient grudge which is showing the conflict between the two households.

Characters in Romeo and Juliet are not as they seem:

Romeo and Juliet explore the complex relationship between fate and free will: ” what if this mixture does not work at all? shall I be married then tomorrow morning? No, no shall forbid it; lie thou there.” 

Shakespeare’s language is where his true genius lies: “if he be married my grave is like to be my wedding bed”

5th Element ‘Plava Laguna’

Shots shown in the scene:

1 Mid Shot – Waiter – Level angle zoom

2  Long shot – Auditorium – Ots

3 Mid Shot – Corbin – Level angle zoom

4 Long shot – Stage – Level Angle

5 Long Shot – Auditorium – Ots

6 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Level Angle

7 Close up – Corbin – Level Angle

8 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Level Angle

9 3 Shot – Audiance – Level Angle

10 2 Shot – Audiance –  level angle zoom

11 Mid shot – Plava Laguna – low angle zoom

12 Long Shot – Auditorium -OTS

13 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Level Angle

14 Mid Shot – Leeloo – Level Angle

15 Close up – Corbin – Level Angle 

16 Long Shot – Auditorium – OTS tracking

17 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Level Angle 

18 2 Shot – Captain – Level Angle 

19 Close Up – Zorg – Low Angle 

20 Long Shot – flostnparadise – OTS High Angle

21 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Low Angle Zoom

22 Close Up – Alcohol – Tracking

23 Mid Shot – Door Opening – Level Angle

24 Mid Shot – Fat Guy – POV

25 Long Shot – Female assistant – Zoom Level Angle

26 Long Shot – Mangalores – Level Angle Zoom

27 Close up – Plava Laguna – Level Angle

28 Mid Shot – Female assistant – Level angle

29 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Zoom Level Angle

30 Mid Shot – Corbin – OTS HIgh Angle

31 Close Up – Mangalores – Level Angle Pan

32 Close Up – Mangalores – Level Angle – 

33. Mid shot – Managlores tracking to leeloo – Level angle

33 Close up – Mangalores hand – FLASHBACK – Level Angle

34 Long Shot – Space Ship – BEV 

35 Close Up – Leeloo – Level Angle

36 Mid Shot – Mangalores – Tracking Shot Level Angle

37 Close up – Trunk – High Angle Zoom

38 Close up – Mangalore – High Angle 

39. Mid Shot – MAngalore – Level Angle Tilt

40. Mid Shot – Plava Laguna Level Angle

41 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna OTS 

42 Close Up – Corbin – High Angle Zoom

43 Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Low Angle

44 Close up – Corbin – High Angle

45 Mid Shot – Plava – Zoom Low Angle

46  Close up – Leeloo Level Angle

Long Shot – Auditorium Level Angle

Long Shot – Door Level Angle

Closeup – Lee loo OTS Level Angle 

Close up – Lee loo Leg Level Angle Tilt

Long Shot – Auditorium – Level Angle OTS

Mid Shot – Leeloo – Level Angle handcam

3 Shot – Mangalore – Low Angle 

Long Shot – Leeloo and Mangalore – OTS handcam

Close up – Leeloo Leg – Low Angle

Mid Shot – Leeloo – Level Angle Tracking

Close up – Nuts – Level Angle 

Close up – Leeloo –  level angle

Long shot – Magalore Falling – Low angle

Close up – Plava Laguna – pan 

Long Shot – Mangalore – low angle

Mid Shot – Mangalore high angle 

Mid Shot – Mangalore – ots

Mid Shot – leeloo OTS

Mid Shot – Mangalore OTS 

Mid Shot – Leeloo OTS 

Mid Shot – Mangalore OTS 

Close up – Plava Laguna level Angle 

Mid Shot – Leeloo OTS 

Mid Shot – Leeloo kick – tilt 

Mid Shot – Leeloo level angle

Close up – Mangalore low angle

Long shot – Mangalore level angle pan

Mid Shot – Mangalore zoom low angle

Mid Shot – Plava Laguna level angle 

Long Shot – Mangalore level angle

Mid Shot – Leeloo and weapon – body cam

Mid Shot – Mangalore level angle

Mid Shot – Mangalore zoom level angle

Mid Shot – Mangalore hand cam

Mid shot mangalore chest – hand cam

Mid Shot – Leeloo level angle

Mid Shot – Mangalore level amcle

Mid Shot – Mangalore shooting – body cam

Mid Shot – Leeloo pan

Close up Leeloo handspring – follow

Mid shot Leeloo handsprings – follow

88. Mid Shot – Plava LAguna – Level Angle

89. Long Shot – LeeLoo – Level angle zoom

90. Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Level Angle

91. Long Shot – LeeLoo – Level Angle

92. Mid Shot – LeeLoo – Level angle zoom

93. Mid shot – Plava – Level Angle

94. Mid Shot – Mangalore – Level angle

95. Mid Shot – LeeLoo -Level Angle

96. Mangalore – Level angle

97. Mid Shot – Plava Laguna –  Level Angle – Tracking

98. Long Shot – Mangalore – Level Angle – 

99. Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Level Angle – Tracking

100. Mid shot – LeeLoo – Hand Cam

101. Long Shot – Mangalore – OTS Level Angle – Hand Cam

102. Mid Shot – Mangalore – Hand Cam – Level Angle

103. Mid Shot – Mangalore – OTS – Level angle

104.  Mid Shot – Leeloo Level Angle

105. Mid Shot – Mangalore Level Angle

106. Mid Shot – LeeLoo Punch – Level Angle – Hand Cam

107. Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Level Angle

108. Mid Shot – LeeLoo – Level Angle

109. Mid Shot – Plava Laguna – Auditorium

Key Events in The Morning

  1.  Snooze my alarm (multiple times) – HEARING
  2.  Check my phone – SIGHT
  3.  Get changed – TOUCH
  4.  Do hair / Makeup / Brush Teeth – SMELL
  5.  Make Lunch – TASTE


  1. Hear the nagging sound of the alarm
  2. Look at snapchats and stuff on my phone
  3. Put on my uncomfortable uniform
  4. Put on makeup, do my hair and brush my teeth with minty toothpaste
  5. Make my lunch while eating an apple or other fruit.

Relative Clauses

The street was empty

The street was wrecked

The street was silent

The street was covered in litter

The man pulled his trolly down the street

The man walked down the straight white line

The short man carried his luggage down the road

The man walked down the deserted street

The man walked down the deserted street that was completely silent

The man walked down the silent, deserted street

The man walked down the white line while carrying his heavy luggage behind him



Beside me was a short policeman holding his German shepherd, he looked at us with a serious face as we drove past in our old blue car. We drove slowly as we passed two more policemen, this time they were on both sides of us, holding guns.

A thick grey fog surrounded the top of the building above us. As we entered the large gates open in front of us a man in a small box behind let down the wooden drawbridge. It was missing planks and didn’t look very stable. We cautiously changed into 2nd gear and drove on the bridge, holding our breaths as the planks crumbled below us. A tall man opened our door. He was wearing an expensive suit, his face was hidden by black sunglasses. He escorted us to the massive double doors which opened up to a grand entrance with marble floors and a large crystal chandelier. A maid came and gave us a glass of champagne and we entered. The man took us into an elevator and we went down to the ground floor. My fingers were shaking uncontrollably, beads of sweat were falling from my head, I was seeing stars, the room was spinning, I was going from cold to hot every second, and I could feel my legs becoming limp as I dropped to the floor. They drugged me. 

I woke up in a small room the walls were a dirty grey concrete that was crumbling around the corners. I tried to stand up but my hands and feet were chained to the floor. There was a yellowed pillow and crusty tartan blanket on the floor beside me. Above me was an extremely high window covered by heavy black bars. There was a faint screaming noise in the distance which made me scared for what was to come. My arms and legs were becoming numb and my eyes were struggling to stay open I was cold and sore. 

Romeo and Juliet Essay – Fate


Fate is something that was destined to happen, In the play of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has shown fate through a series of events that were made to happen. He shows them through the Prologue, in metaphors and through co-incidents. In the Shakespearean times, fate was one of the main things that controlled their lives and this was the same in Romeo and Juliet because it was a very fate based play.


In the prologue, it mentions “Star Cross’d Lovers” which means that they were chosen to be together – by fate; Star meaning chosen by the stars. It also mentions Death Mark’d Love meaning the only way that they could continue their love was with death and the afterlife. The prologue briefly mentions everything that happens in the play before you read/watch the play, you already know whats going to happen before the play has begun.


In Romeo and Juliet fate is determined by God. The quote “I am fortune’s fool” (when he finds out Juliet is lying in the tomb) Shakspere uses the word fortune referring to luck. In this quote, he is saying that he has bad luck because Juliet is supposedly dead because of his mistakes.

Refers to god and fate:

In the play, there are many ways that Shakespeare shows fate through language. Romeo refers to himself as a boat and says that God directs him meaning that God is “fate” and he will direct Romeo. “He that hath the steerage of my course, direct my sail”


Fate controlled the lives of people in the Shakespearian times and William Shakespear showed it in many ways, he is very good at hiding secret messages throughout the play and





Define fate – even using the dictionary definition.
Outline all three ways it shows in the play. Prologue, co-incidences, metaphors.

Mention how everything is laid out before the play begins

Explain the quotes – how are they fate?

Explain how the quote is another reference to fate.

Summarise your thoughts about how Shakespeare tells us fate works in the play.

Romeo and Juliet: Act 5 Scene 3, Summary, FINAL SCENE!!!!!

Location: Churchyard – Capulet tomb.

Characters: Paris, Romeo, Balthasar, Juliet, Friar Lawrence, Watchmen, Captain of the watch, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Prince, Montague, Page.

Time: Friday Night

Events: Paris comes to scatter flowers on the tomb with a servant. The servant warns him that someone is coming so he hides and Romeo and Balthasar enter. Romeo threatens Balthasar and says that if he doesn’t leave he will kill him. Paris sees Romeo and thinks he has come to disrespect the body of either Tybalt or Juliet. In a rage, Paris pulls out his sword and they fight. Romeo kills Paris, As he dies he requests to be laid next to Juliet is the tomb and Romeo does that. Romeo enters the tomb carrying Paris and sees Juliet lying peacefully, he wonders how she can still look so beautiful when she is dead. He kisses her, drinks the potion, kisses her again, then dies. Seconds later Friar Lawrence comes into the churchyard and Balthasar tells him that Romeo is in the tomb. Friar enters the tomb with a bad feeling. He see’s Paris’s dead body, then Romeos then Juliet. There was blood everywhere. Juliet wakes up. Juliet asks where Romeo is and the friar tells her that Romeo and Paris are both dead. He hears the watch coming and says she must leave, but Juliet refuses. so the Friar leaves alone. Juliet sees Romeo beside her and is sad that he didn’t leave any potion for her. She kisses him to try and get potion off his lips but nothing happens, in desperation, she grabs Romeo’s dagger and stabs herself. She dies. The Watchmen find blood near the tombstone. They hold the friar and Balthasar who were found trembling in the churchyard. The Watchmen find Romeo, Juliet, and Paris in the tomb. Montague arrives and says that Lady Montague has died from the shock of Romeos Death. Friar Lawrence tells the story of their secret marriage and the consequences. The prince is angry at the Capulets and Montagues saying it is their fault from the feud for the deaths of these children. Capulet and Montague hold hands and agree to end the feud and put it all behind them.

Quote: Thou detestable maw, thou womb of death, Gorged with the dearest morsel of the earth, Thus I enforce thy rotten jaws to open, And in despite I’ll cram thee with more food!

Romeo and Juliet: Act 5 Scene 2, Summary

Location: Friar Lawrence’s Cell

Characters: Friar John, Friar Lawrence

Time: Thursday Morning

Events: Romeo has been given the wrong information, Friar John should have delivered the letter to Romeo, was not allowed to leave Verona. Romeo traveled from Mantua to Verona and arrived outside the Capulet house.

Quote: Poor living corse, closed in a dead man’s tomb!

Romeo and Juliet: Act 5 Scene 1, Summary

Location: Mantua

Characters: Romeo, Balthasar, Apothecary

Time: Wednesday Morning

Events: Romeo is told that Juliet is dead. He realizes that now he has no meaning for life and decides to go to Verona. He goes to the apothecary to get a lethal potion.

Quote: “There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls, doing more murder in this loathsome world than these poor compounds that thou mayst not sell. I sell thee poison, thou hast sold me.”