Romeo and Juliet: Act 4 Scene 5, Summary

Location: Juliet’s Bedroom

Characters: Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet, Friar Lawrence, Paris, First Musician, Peter, Second Musician

Time: Wednesday Morning

Events: Nurse goes in to wake up Juliet and opens the curtains. Nurse talks to Juliet. At first, she thinks Juliet is in a deep sleep but then discovers that she is dead. Lady Capulet and Capulet are called in to her room. Friar Lawrence comes in and asks if Juliet is ready to go to church and Capulet says that she is ready to go to church but not to return. Friar Lawrence gives instructions for the removal of Juliet’s body.

Quote: Ready to go but not ever to return

Romeo and Juliet: Act 4 Scene 2, 3 and 4, Summary

Location: Capulets House, Juliet’s Bedroom

Characters: Capulet, Lady Capulet, Nurse, Servingmen, Juliet

Time: Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Night, Early Wednesday Morning.

Events: The Capulets prepare for the wedding and Juliet agrees to marry Paris. The wedding is moved to Wednesday. Juliet worries that the Potion could kill her. So she puts the knife beside her bed in case it doesn’t work.


Romeo and Juliet: Act 4, Scene 1 Summary

Location: Friar Lawrence’s Cell

Characters: Juliet, Paris, Friar Lawrence

Time: Tuesday Morning

Events: Paris talks to Juliet as if she is already his and says that she has abused her face with tears. Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence and asks if there is any way she cannot get married to Paris. He comes up with a plan. He gives Juliet a potion that will make her look like she is dead for 48 hours. So on the wedding day, Paris will find Juliet dead and she will be taken to the Capulet tomb.

Quotes: Poor soul, thy face is abus’d with tears. Thy face is mine, and thou hast slander’d it.

Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 5 Summary

Location: Juliet’s Bedroom

Characters: Juliet, Romeo, Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet

Time: Very Early Tuesday Morning

Events: Romeo climbed up to Juliet’s bedroom and they had sex. Romeo must escape to Manua. The nurse comes and warns Romeo and Juliet that Juliet’s parents are coming. Romeo crawls down the balcony Lady Capulet and Capulet tells Juliet that she will be married to Paris on Thursday. She refuses. However, Romeo will never see Juliet again and will never be able to claim her as his wife.

Quotes: Art thou gone so, love, lord, ay husband, friend? I must hear from thee every day in the hour, For a minute there are many days.

Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 3 Summary

Location: Friar Lawrence’s cell

Characters: Friar Lawrence, Romeo, Nurse

Time: Monday Night

Events: Friar Lawrence tries to calm down Romeo, but Romeo keeps thinking the worst and says that he would rather die than be banished. Being banished means not being with Juliet. Romeo threatens to kill himself but Friar Lawrence has a plan.


Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 2 Summary

Location: Capulets House

Characters: Juliet, Nurse

Time: Monday Afternoon

Events: Juliet waits for Romeo but the nurse comes and tells her the bad news about what happened with Romeo. Juliet finds it hard to understand what happened and doesn’t believe the nurse. Juliet asks the nurse to get Romeo so she can spend her last night with him.

Quote: I’ll to my wedding bed. And death, not Romeo, Take my maidenhead.

Romeo and Juliet: Act 3 Scene 1 Summary

Location: A Public Place

Characters: Mercutio, Benvolio, Tybalt, Romeo, Prince, Lady Capulet, Montague

Time: Late Monday Afternoon

Events: Everyone has a massive fight and causes 2 deaths, Mercutio and Tybalt. Tybalt Mercutio, with a shot to the side, at first Mercutio said it was just a scratch but soon after he fell to the ground saying “A plague o’ both your houses” and then died. Romeo was furious and was going to kill Tybalt. Benvolio ran after him telling him to stop.  However, Romeo left. He crashed into the Montague car and Tybalt crawled out. Romeo begged Tybalt to kill him but he didn’t so Romeo grabbed the gun and shot him. There were many little hints of God in this scene with the Jesus statue and the Mary on the gun that Romeo shot Tybalt with. Also, the placement of the blood on Romeo was a symbol of God/Jesus. Romeo gets bannished.

Quote: A plague o’ both your houses

Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 5 Summary

Location: Capulets House

Characters: Juliet, Nurse

Time: Mid Day Monday

Events: Juliet and the nurse discuss the wedding plans and the nurse agrees with Juliets decisions. The nurse has a headache and a sore back. Juliet agrees to go to confession and the nurse is happy for Juliet to marry Romeo. Romeo and Juliet get married in the church by Friar Lawrence. The wedding was very secretive and only Romeo, Juliet, Friar, and the nurse were at the wedding.

Quote: Your love says, like an honest gentleman, And a courteous, and a kind and a handsome.

Romeo and Juliet: Act 2 Scene 4 Summary

Location: A street in Verona

Characters: Benvolio, Mercutio, Romeo, Nurse, Peter

Time: Mid-day Monday

Events: Romeo’s friend’s joke about the nurse being a large woman. The nurse asks for details of Juliet’s marriage. They talk about how they don’t like Paris. They also talk about how Romeo needs to be good to Juliet.

Quote: If you should deal double with her, truly it were an ill thing to be offered to any gentlewoman, and very weak dealing.